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14.11.2008: : English speaking dentist in Germany. Low cost - high quality - proDentum Berlin GmbH - preiswerter Zahnarzt - preiswerter Zahnersatz Suchmaschine


New service for English speaking patients in Germany online! Come to see a dentist in Berlin and other German cities in order to pay a lot less and get more in modern dentistry.

Save a lot of money for a bright new smile.

The dentists listed on
speak English and other languages

If you are seeking expert and affordable dental care please contact any one of the dentists on the website : . These Dentists are highly recommended because they have been associates and customers of our dental laboratory services for many years and are experts in all fields of Dentistry. These Dentists are highly experienced, especially in the incorporation of crowns, bridges, inlays and implants.
Some of the best dentists in Germany are waiting to help you. Mainly in Berlin you find excellent dentists and affordable prices compared to London, Oslo, New York, Paris or Tokyo.

Using the cost-effective services of the proDentum® laboratory ( these dentists can provide expert care at prices that are significantly less than you would pay in your home country. In Germany, especially in Berlin and other major cities, competition for dental services is very high and many extremely professional dentists will offer their services at very competetive prices.

The proDentum® dental laboratory has been an established Dental Services provider since 1992 and has been certified for Quality Management by the German TÜV. In cooperation with our partner laboratory in Singapore ( you can expect the highest quality of service at very competetive prices.

If you are in need of expert dental services please choose from our list of recommended German Dentists. You may contact the practice of your choice by calling the office directly or by E-mail or Fax. These dentists are expecting your E-mail requests and will respond immediately.

Now online!

For questions mail now: [email protected]

You can find them here:

English speaking dentist Munich
English speaking dentist Hamburg
English speaking dentist Hannover
English speaking dentist Stuttgart
English speaking dentist Cologne
English speaking dentist Dortmund
English speaking dentist Augsburg
English speaking dentist Nuremberg


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